Close to a year.

This time last year I started my HSCT journey. I apologize for the long wait. Life gets busy! I am please and grateful for where I am with my health. So much to say. Let’s start. Let’s start with heartache, the work force has not gotten any better in Houston. I am not at full … More Close to a year.

Keeping motivated

Thank you for all the BP MS riders! My friend Kaare: When we moved back to Houston during the summer of 2015, Jakob my oldest son started playing football, or soccer as they call it here in the US.   Jakob quickly got many new friends and amongst those Noah. I immediately noticed that Noah’s … More Keeping motivated

Week 1 (Jan 8)

It has been a week since I got home. It is good to be back home. There has been a lot of changes that we have had to do around the house to keep germs away.  I plan to make doctor appointments next week, but as of today I am just staying home, staying healthy. … More Week 1 (Jan 8)