My journey HSCT

Where to begin? I am an ordinary man. A husband, a father of two, and a son. I enjoy my kids and watching them doing their activities.  I live everyday with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS), since 2005. I have lost most of the mobility of my right side. At times I have double vision on my right blind side. I gather full focus when I turn my head in the direction of my sight. I walk with a limp, right drop foot, the drop foot and spasticity causes me to fall due to dragging my foot. In 2014 I fractured my knee. With every accident I learn how to adjust and take my time, and most importantly, gather balance.

Even with all the set backs, I push forward. Strength by God’s grace, I will be brave. With the continuous love of my family, I look forward to what God brings me next.

I have a chance to stop the progression of my MS. I might not get back the mobility I have lost, but with this miracle hope is restored. Hope that functions lost will be restored.

I ask you to follow me through my journey. I want to make you a believer.

Read about others that are going through the same as I am. (watch video)

I hope to be in Mexico in November.

10 thoughts on “My journey HSCT

  1. This is awesome Mario! I’m so glad you are doing this. Not only does it make others understand your struggle but also brings awareness about MS. Thank you for sharing and showing everyone that nothing keeps you down!!!

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  2. I got nun but LOVE for you cuzz. I hope we can catch up soon and that you prosper in the future in all you do. Love Salvador Mtz aka Jr.


  3. Mario, not sure where to even begin brother. I still remember the day I met you at work and poked fun ignorantly at your handwriting. When I first learned what MS was. I felt bad, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to show you pity because I felt it was better to treat you as my equal than to allow some condition to weaken your mindset. I soon realised you were already a strong dude. In fact stronger than myself. Every day after that watching you take on the world while carrying something beyond your control reminded me, and still does today, that I must push through no matter how terrible circumstances get. As I got to know you I learned how common are backgrounds and upbringings were. As well as life struggles with exception of your physical condition. You’re a family man and a warrior. I think very highly of you and what you represent. Although, life keeps us busy and I don’t get to see you often you’re always in my thoughts and best wishes. Don’t ever hesitate to ring me up for whatever it is you may need and that extends to your wife and kids. I will do my best within my means to help you get to your treatment. Count on it!


  4. Mario,
    I have always looked up to you and envied your positive attitude no matter what was happening. Everything you ever say is about how much you love and appreciate your children and wife. You uplifted my spirits every time we spoke and made me smile. I believe the Lord allows such tribulations as yours, because He knows your heart, humility, gratitude, faith and strength are capable of handling it. And along your journey He also knows you will make a difference in the lives of the people (his people) around you. The fact that you said you look forward to what God will bring you next proves that. I’ve not once heard a complaint from you or an expectation for any special treatment. In fact, I’m ashamed of myself for all the griping I do about my own problems, which cowar compared to yours. You strengthen my faith as it seems you welcome any difficult circumstance that comes to you as an opportunity for your personal growth. Your qualities are Christlike, Mario, with your pure heart and righteous desires for yourself, family and friends. That is exactly why we are here on earth, to become like Jesus Christ and share that with others. You have now given all of us an opportunity to be humbled, grateful and best of all, serve through this journey and your fundraiser. Which will in turn help us become more like the Savior as well. Thank you for giving us (me) this amazing chance to do just that and be blessed for our efforts. Have hope in knowing that God’s will is in play and someday, beyond this hard life, your body will be completely whole. I’ll do everything I can to help you in this process, my friend. God bless you. -Elisha


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