Day -3 and -2 (December 15 and 16)

Today we hope to harvest stem cells. We will know after morning blood test if our levels are where they need to be. 

December 15- levels were not here they needed to be therefore, we spent the day in the apartment video chatting, texting and watching Netflix. My wife has a long list of chick flicks she is trying to get through before we go home…. HELP! 

December 16-  last night I had a double injection of filgrastim to help with stem cell production. I felt discomfort I my lower lumbar area, I hope this means it is working! 

We are awaiting for a response, so  we are headed to the gym that’s on the roof where my wife likes to run, I go for moral support! 

My food-

Breakfast- yogurt, pear

Lunch-  Tuna sandwich, cookies

Dinner- pizza

My symptoms- after the double injections I felt pressure in my lower back area

My recommendation-at night, due to the lower body bone aches, take it slow.

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