Day 3 and 4 (December 21 and 22)

If the 22 was my worst day, I can do this!  My body hit its lowest, accourding to blood work and symptoms. I want to repeat what my doctors say, this is a very serious procedure, it is the risk I took coming in.

For a whole day I was not able to function as I felt as though I was having a severe MS episode. The doctors expect for the body to hit bottom, as it is attempting to recover from such a harsh procedure. I was not able to make the consultation, so the doctor visited me at the apartment instead. I was very thankful,  It’s what they are here for, he reassured me.

I thought I could shake it off on my own, but I know now that I need to inform the doctor of any irregularity that I feel. They can help me feel better. 

My Symptoms: fatigue, stiffness in right leg, double vision, exhaustion 

My Food: ate the provided food

My Recommendations: take it easy, call the doctor, be honest to caretakers about how you feel, write down your day to day symptoms. 


If this is the worst,I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in place for me.

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