Day 10 and 11 (December 28 and 29)

Yesterday, December 28, I received the great news that I am out of the Neutropenia period. Although I do not have to wear a mask all the time, it is recommended to wear when I large crowds, or if there is a possibility that someone is sick. I will need to maintain optimal hand hygiene though. 

December 29 is also the day I receive the first dose of Rituximab.  The precedure took about 3 hours, much like the earlier chemo sessions, it was completed in a private room, with a nurse checking in on me. 

It’s coming down to the end.

This past night every few hours I would wake to hiccups. As I had hiccups for about 24 hours. No pain, just the discomfort of not stopping. When I go to the consultation this morning, I will ask if this will occur often, and if there is medication for this. 

My Food: 

Breakfast – oat meal

Lunch – Spaghetti , soup

Dinner – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (both nights)

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