December 30 (Free to return home)

Last day to sight see and visit my wife’s family.

We are headed to eat and walk about downtown and see more historic areas. We also plan on making one last trip to visit my wife’s family tonight.

We have experienced some amazing things during this trip.

In just a number of days I have regain feeling in my right pinky finger. Which was one of the first signs that to me that something was not right, many years ago, as I had lost complete feeling in my pinky and side palm. I have lost the slight painful feeling in my head that I remember first feeling in my late teens. 

My doctor expressed  how optimistic he is for everyone’s recovery, as he has received confirmation from all 8 patients, Monterrey has only had two groups, that there have been quick positive responses to the treatment. 

Wow we can only get better- are my thoughts!

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