Week 1 (Jan 8)

It has been a week since I got home. It is good to be back home. There has been a lot of changes that we have had to do around the house to keep germs away.  I plan to make doctor appointments next week, but as of today I am just staying home, staying healthy. … More Week 1 (Jan 8)

Day -10 (December 8)

Today is a relaxed day. We have a visit from a doctor at at our apartment twice, Morning and Afternoon, for an injection (filgrastim subcutaneous medication). This afternoon we have a post consultation with chemotherapy evaluation .Q/A My symptoms:fatigue , nausea, stomach ache My Recommendation: drink water, nap My Food: Breakfast- Bowl of flakes with … More Day -10 (December 8)

Day -11 (December 7)

I started Intravenos (chemotherpy) Cyclophosphamide. I am to drink water and eat as I wanted. It was strongly recommended to drink lots of water when going through chemo. It is recommend to stay away from greasy food. There is a booklet that was given to me with guidelines of four categories schedule, diet, responsables (doctor … More Day -11 (December 7)