Day 1 and 2 (December 19 and 20)

These are cautious days for my body. What is around(sickness), what I eat, and staying clean. I will be indoors the next few days. If anyone comes in or out I will offer a breathing mask.

Today we have a consultation this afternoon to discuss blood work and symptoms. I will make them aware of the blood i saw in my urine. There should be no worry, since I was told this is due to not drinking enough water. I had a glass all day yesterday. I will pay close attention to my water intake from here on out. 

I feel normal, maybe a little tired, but nothing some reading time can’t take care of. 

I starting eat the food supply that was given to us during this time. Since I was already use to eating a lean diet, it is not as bad as everyone says. Well, except for the tortilla soup option… yuck! 

My Food: soup, oatmeal, toast

My Symptoms: little stomach ache, no appetite 

My Recommendations: eat, drink water

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