Day -1 (December 17)

Let’s go back to yesterday. We got the good news! We are ready for stem cells to be harvested! We were picked up and taken straight to the hospital where the collection took place. I was hooked up and told that I would not be able to move my arms for at least 5 hours, I panicked for a while, but I did have my wife by my side the entire time. I began thinking,  Were to run? What do I do? I did what guys do, talk about FOOD with everyone! The nurse even put on a Mexican cooking channel for us to watch. 

After some time, watching your blood exit one vein and re-enter another, you cannot help but think about all of your years of living with MS. 

Why I am HERE.

(I pray that my dad was going to get better because my dad has a sickness that no one knows why he has it.) 

When my son writes a letter at church like this!

And my daughter’s encouragement…

So I believe!!!

This M.S. battle will be over soon.

Thank you everyone for making this possible.

Well here is a picture of the good guys. Stem cells in the bag hanging high! 

Shortly after this picture we headed to Chemo round 3. We arrived back at the apartment around 9 pm. Goodnight! 

Next day………

Today is chemo day 4, It should be much the same. Today is a speacial day also to my wife and I, it is our son’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!

My symptoms: same day 1 chemo

My foods:

Breakfast- light yogurt

Lunch- one chicken tostadas 

Dinner- PB and J

My Recommendations: drink lots of water, stay away from greasy foods. 

Have a positive mindset, this is very important. This day has been the hardest.

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