Day -11 (December 7)

I started Intravenos (chemotherpy) Cyclophosphamide. I am to drink water and eat as I wanted. It was strongly recommended to drink lots of water when going through chemo. It is recommend to stay away from greasy food. There is a booklet that was given to me with guidelines of four categories schedule, diet, responsables (doctor visiting/R.N), locations for each day that I am here.

Post chemo- I was to notify if I had any discomfort.  To call Dr. Gonzalez at any time of the day if need be. 

Everyone will experience will be unique, not everyone reacts the same to chemo.   I started experiencing hipccups at 6:30 pm  till 8:00pm. Tried water on my own. Around 9 to 10pm it started again without eating or drinking anything. This was important, as I thought I had caused it by eating too fast or drinking water too fast. I called the doctor, he recommended taking one of the medications in the Care Package that was given to me on the first day.  As I was waiting for the doctor to respond, my wife looked on the internet and discovered that hiccups is a side effect of chemo. She also read that chewing gum could help, as the doctor called back with the name of the medication to take, the hiccups stopped without needing to take extra meds. Now I know to try this earlier next time. 

My Food:

Lunch -cookies, sandwich, banana, pear

Dinner-Spaghetti, banana,

My Symptoms: (Both days of chemo) Nausea, fatigue, upset stomach


My Recommendations: eat (even if you don’t feel like it), drink water, take a blanket or wear something warm when you go for chemo. 




3 thoughts on “Day -11 (December 7)

  1. Love you brother, so glad to hear you are doing well so far…God is with you and he will see you thru this journey…love reading about your day..keep them coming…


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