Day -9 and -8 (December 9 and 10)

The last two days are just waiting for injections from doctor who visits you at the apartment, and taking the necessary pills from the care package. The injections are stimulating stem cells so they will hopefully harvest on Thursday, December the 15.

We took a trip to the grocery store using Uber to Walmart. I encourage everyone that comes to use Uber. The service is great and secure. It was a 10 minute trip, and it cost us about $1.80 USD. The Uber account is connected to a credit card, so there is no money being exchanged in the cars. The drivers are very friendly and eager to please. We were a little afraid to go out at first, so we went with another pair. But after this trip, we will be sure to venture out on our own. 

My symptoms: fatigue(but bearable)

My Food:

Breakfast-eggs, vitamin shake

Lunch- To be determined (there are no restrictions)

My Recommendation: sitting to rest, bring slippers

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