Week 1 (Jan 8)

It has been a week since I got home. It is good to be back home. There has been a lot of changes that we have had to do around the house to keep germs away.  I plan to make doctor appointments next week, but as of today I am just staying home, staying healthy.

I haven’t had a bad relapse day since December 30.

My symptoms are slightly better, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I have noticed that I feel many slight improvements, like in my double vision and the feeling in my right hand has more feeling near my right pinky finger. I have also stopped taking my mediation for tremors, the tremors are still there, but are manageable without the meds. I decided to stop taking the meds to be able to determine if  there is actual improvements. I can honestly say, YES. They are not gone, but before I was not able to get through breakfast without taking the meds, I would get too frustrated with myself. I will continue to monitor my improvements in this area. I have also noticed that the urge to clear my bladder has also improved. I used to have to visit the rr as soon as we arrived somewhere,now I am able to wait until we return home. 

My walking is still the same, I swing my leg as I step. I have increased the distance I am able to walk before I have to sit to rest.

I will post weekly. Please follow, as I am believer in HSCT.

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