Doing something small, can move mountains

Having a conversation…

Sharing ones experiences…

Giving a hug.


Well my journey brings me to my second infusion in Houston.

My days are positive. My strength of my movements have improve slightly. I get out of bed with less shakes. I am driving using my left hand. I perfer to drive with the one with less tremors.

Somedays I bend over will no termors. My double vision in my right side vision has not return, since the treatment in December. I am grateful for my plateau. 

I am working now. I don’t feel my MS has not effected my job. I do things with caution. I drive an hour daily to get to work. I am still eating my own food. Not eating out. Saves money. 

I have seen my PCP for my vaccinations. Which I see again on the 12 of June.

Being hopeful is best outlook. 

I am thankful for everyone’s help and encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Doing something small, can move mountains

  1. That is awesome to hear bro! God is certainly working in your life and He’s not done!
    May He continue to Bless you!


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