Close to a year.

This time last year I started my HSCT journey.

I apologize for the long wait. Life gets busy!

I am please and grateful for where I am with my health.

So much to say. Let’s start.

Let’s start with heartache, the work force has not gotten any better in Houston. I am not at full mobility to say “I can do that”. In my mind I can. I am still looking. In mean time I am educating myself by taking some online courses. By taking these courses a whole new world has been open up to me. There is lots to learn. I have one certification left, then I will have completed the Edureka Devops Masters Program.

Second, my response to HSCT. Let’s me give examples of what was before to what is now. Before – after taking a hot show. I would be so fatigue after, I would have to sit one edge of the tube just to get enough strength to get dressed. Now- I don’t sit, I just “go”. To the point I sit to reflect. Before- walking into a unknown location(movie theater, restaurant, someone’s home) I would size up the distant. Look at the all step heights, before even taking my first step. Now- I take on each step as it comes. If I slow down, I size, it’s more by old habit. I don’t worry now. If I stubble I gain my balance. I won’t lie, there has been some close calls. Like when I went to the Astro Downtown parade and I walked 13 blocks. I almost fell on a fire tuck. But I made it to my Uber pickup spot. Before- my reaction to knives. I would not cook or even chop. Now I cook dinner every day! You may wonder – why am I so happy about cooking every day. Because ” I can now”.

Third, the things I still want. I want to run a mile. Play soccer with my son. Throw a softball with my daughter. Not to worry about injuring myself. Ride a bike with my wife. This will make me happy in next coming year.

I look forward to next year.

There has been bad days (body strength) and emotional battles. My wife has been my greatest push. I would not be me without her. I give my all to her. I want to say . “Thank you Nelda for everything you do. And the work you did this pass year. My gratitude and love is/will always be her in my heart- Forever. Getting her master in on December 8th; is much greater than a diploma. It’s the battle won. I am her biggest fan. I am here for the ride and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

I give thanks to all and bless you for help to get me here.

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